Health & Safety

The application of an effective health and safety management system in the workplace will help provide a safer environment for those who could be affected by workplace activities. This includes employees, self employed and those not directly involved in the activity, ie those who share or have access to where work is carried out.  The main objective is to ensure that everyone involved or who could be affected goes home safe and unharmed and that the employer is compliant with current health and safety legislation.

Advantages of Health & Safety

Implementation of an effective health and safety system can have many benefits such as improved productivity / morale, a pride in the workplace, fewer accidents, respect of customers and greater likelihood of repeated work and/or referrals, compliance with health and safety legislation and less likely to be involved in legal action. All of those benefits help to improve the sustainability of a business.

Lack of an effective health and safety system can result in poor morale within the workforce, high absenteeism, potentially increased risk of accidents and legal action. The impacts of workplace accidents, particularly serious ones, are not limited to the injured party but can also have a long term impact on close family and friends, including work colleagues. Lifestyles that have been taken for granted may no longer be possible.

What we can do to help

FWB can help develop an effective and appropriate health and safety system. By working closely together we can identify potential weaknesses and help develop manageable and effective solutions to ensure the safety of those who could be affected by your operations, the  sustainability of your business and compliance with health and safety legislation.


Risk Assessments


Hazard Operability Study (HAZOP)

Face Fit Testing

With the correct and appropriate systems in place your business is more likely to be sustainable and compliant with legislation.

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