When relating the environment to the workplace we are considering the impacts businesses can potentially have on land, air and water.

Many aspects of modern businesses can have a significant impact on the environment, both positive and negative. However, it is the negative impacts we are most aware of. There will be few who are not aware of the potential threat from climate change and the effect it is having on global climates, including our own.

Although as individuals the perception of our impact on the environment may be small the cumulative effect can be considerable. Unlike safety related accidents which mainly have local impacts and involve relatively small numbers the environment has no boundaries and any pollution we generate could have much wider consequences. Anything businesses can do to manage the aspects of their processes that generate pollution can only help in achieving sustainability for future generations.



Having an environmental management system (need not be an ISO Standard) will help demonstrate to your customers that protection of the environment is an important component of your business. It will also help maintain compliance with environmental legislation and less likely to be involved in legal action.

Lack of an environmental management system could increase the risk of an environmental incident, damage your reputation and more likely be involved in legal action.

What we can do to help


FWB can help by carrying out an environmental impact assessment to identify aspects of processes that could potentially have a detrimental impact on the environment and help develop management systems to reduce the likelihood of avoidable pollution.

All businesses have a legal duty of care to ensure their waste is disposed correctly, however managing pollution once it enters the air or waterways is not so easy and that is why it is better to manage the risk at the source before it creates an incident.

Impact Assessments


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